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How We Began

In 2007, the world at large experienced a global financial meltdown which impacted the free flow of commerce and dwarfed the small business arena. Banks and consumers lost tons of money, and governments around the world started scrambling to inject funds into their various economies. Despite the efforts by the various governments, the banks still could not make common sense financial decision to allow the flow of capital to ordinary mom and pop businesses where finance is really needed. The founder of Vantage Finance and Loans, who was a banker, saw firsthand how banks denied financing to businesses that actually needed them, while begging the ones that do not need money to come for more. This common predicament for most business owners encouraged Vantage Finance and Loans to be established. We aim to fill the gaps that many major finance players are unable to fill.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bridge the gaps where mainstream banks have failed the economy and the small business. Our goal is to make lending easy by removing red tapes and the paradoxical credit score. Our goal is to connect businesses with investors who do not base their decisions only on some computer algorithm, but rather willing to reason on the sensibility of the proposal from the small business owner.

What our Company Does

Vantage Finance and Loans offers genuine lending solutions that are structured around your financial circumstance. We pride ourselves on having the ability to provide the necessary financing for transactions of any size without the typical qualifying factors. We know how much our clients are in need, and do our best to make it easy for them.

We recognize the importance of building good credit, which is why we provide services and solutions that are customized to meet the exact needs of our individual clients. We want you to be able to pay off your loans in ways that wouldn’t put the least burden on you. It is our goal to help our clients make the best decisions with regards to their endeavors, to give them more financial power, and to help them live better and more fulfilling lives. You want to drive that new car or buy a house for your family? We can make that happen. You want to start the business you’ve been dreaming of for so long? We’ve got you covered. Giving your all to achieve your dreams? Let us help you get there faster!

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